Streaming Video Encoding Partner and Reseller Programs

Whether you're an ISP, web designer or video producer, our streaming video encoding reseller program allows you to add our world class streaming video encoding services to your growing and expanding business. The more services and expertise you can offer your clients, the better your chances of attracting more new customers and retaining existing ones.

We believe we can help you build your business like we're already doing for others, by allowing you to leverage your growth off of our reputation and our ability to offer your customers additional services that will generate revenue for you.

Our company is a leading provider of high quality streaming video encoding and conversion services for the Internet and corporate Intranets. We're already helping other ISP's, web designers and video producers grow their businesses, and we can help you by:

  • Offering you generous discounts which allow you to be both competitive and profitable.
  • Delivering the best value for your client's money. We provide complete turnkey streaming video encoding services which allow you to concentrate on your existing business and not get bogged down in having to learn about deploying streaming video on your customer's sites.
  • Providing a variety of solutions to meet your customer's needs. We can even show you how your customers can have streaming video in either Real Video, Windows Media, QuickTime, or Flash Video format without any additional hardware or software on their existing servers.

If you've already spotted the streaming video trend, we believe we can offer your company a way to capitalize on it without altering your own business model. Although this is not a market that will ever justify your investment in the equipment and training necessary to offer your customers the same quality of video conversion services that we can, it is a market that by partnering with us, will allow you to attract additional customers from time to time that you otherwise would have lost.

If you're looking for innovative ways to attract new customers, we welcome you to leverage your growth off of our reputation and the services we can provide for your new and existing customers. Please call us toll free at 800-707-8511 or 630-690-7611, or you may email us if you would like to enroll in our reseller program

Alliance Partners

CyberTech Media Group has a number of strategic alliances and partnerships with leading companies and organizations in a variety of Internet and Intranet related fields. These alliances allow our partners to provide their members or customers with our services at a discount.

The HTML Writers Guild has selected CyberTech Media to provide their members with access to the highest quality streaming video conversion services available, along with the best possible support services. The Guild is the largest international organization of World Wide Web designers. Their membership includes professionals, students, and hobbyists; programmers, artists, writers, educators, and entrepreneurs; beginners and experts. The HTML Writers Guild is a non-profit educational corporation with the goal of helping their members improve their skills in the craft of web design through cooperation and sharing of experience. The HWG participates actively in shaping the future of the web, and is a member organization of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Please call us at 630-690-2141 or e-mail us at media@cybertechmedia.com if you have any questions regarding either our reseller program or companies that we've developed alliances with.

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