Live Video Streaming Over The Internet

Live streaming video for meetings, seminars, trade shows and entertainment events seems to be the latest rage, but is it for you? When companies put aside the hype and glamour of doing live streaming video, and instead focus on performance and cost issues, it is extremely rare that the content of any meeting or presentation is so time critical that it must be presented live vs. 24 to 48 hours later. Our purpose here is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of of using live streaming video versus archived video-on-demand which can be viewed at any time.

Most companies will conclude that "live streaming video" is nothing more than a triumph of distribution technology over economic sense, and will instead choose to use "archived streaming video on demand" to solve their video communication needs.


Comparison Of Live Streaming Video Vs.
Archived Video On Demand
Issue Live Video Archived Video On Demand
Video quality Not as good as archived video on demand. Poor video quality usually results in bad P.R. for the company promoting the event. In most circumstances, video that is encoded for on-demand viewing results in higher quality. Additionally, since fewer people will be watching the video at exactly the same time, there is far less chance of the video stream being thinned out due to network bandwidth restraints.
Bandwidth requirements Causes disruption of existing server bandwidth and usually requires costly video hosting to meet the additional spike in bandwidth requirements. Bandwidth requirements are spread out over a longer period of time thereby preventing disruption of other website related viewing or e-commerce transactions. Additional video hosting is usually not required.
Flexibility Viewers usually must watch the entire presentation, meeting or seminar resulting in additional bandwidth requirements. Video can be edited so that it can be presented in shorter segments which can be topic specific, and can be viewed at the discretion and convenience of the viewer.
Maximum viewer potential Not as great as video on demand. Additionally, viewers who cannot connect to the server because of the popularity of the event can create bad P.R. for the sponsor of the event. Dramatically increased since the viewer can select a time that is convenient for him or her to watch. Viewers aren't turned away as a result of too many people watching at the same time.
Disruption of employees If the presentation is business related, staging it live creates a disruption of work flow within a business. If your target audience is either your own employees or those of your vendors or affiliates, business does not have to come to a stop for the entire company. By time shifting the delivery of your broadcast, employees can watch at a time that does not disrupt their work flow or tasks.
Implementation More difficult. Requires additional on-site equipment, bandwidth management, training, planning, rehearsal of technical issues, and back-up planning. Extremely easy if you outsource through the right company.
Cost Much higher than on-demand. Much lower than live.


The bottom line is that archived video-on-demand is usually much more suitable than live streaming video for the majority of business applications. If you'd like to discuss the particulars of your video streaming project in further detail, please call us at 630-690-2141 or e-mail us at media@cybertechmedia.com.

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