Streaming Video Hosting For Real Video, QuickTime and Windows Media

Although our primary business is encoding streaming video from DVD, VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8, Mini-DV, Umatic, or Beta SP video tape for under $100 per video clip we digitize, we can also arrange for streaming video hosting for our customers as well. Before you call us for a quote, you may want to check with your existing ISP. If they definitely don't want video on their servers, we can certainly get you set up with an ISP who does.

We've arranged streaming video hosting for companies as large as Hewlett Packard, so we're quite capable of handling any size project.


Video Server Software Usually Isn't Required

Depending upon the volume of simultaneous video streams you'd like to broadcast, you probably won't even need video hosting, a dedicated video server or a software server package. On many of the web sites we prepare videos for, the streaming video is broadcast directly from the customer's existing web server using standard HTTP, and without the use of expensive video server software and dedicated hosting.

Real Video, Windows Media (formerly Microsoft NetShow) and QuickTime all offer the option of using video server software. The use of such a server software package provides additional functionality in terms of load balancing, automatic bandwidth negotiation, and the ability for your visitors to fast-forward through your videos. For most video applications, these additional features aren't required. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-707-8511 or 630-690-7611 if you'd like to discuss whether you can stream your own video from your existing web server without any additional hardware or software. For your convenience, you may also want to review our comparison table and complete discussion of video hosting costs.

Benchmark streaming video hosting costs are approximately $50 per 70,000 minutes of video watched per month at 56K speeds.

The Top Four Choices For Hosting Streaming Video

There are many ways that streaming video can be deployed. The most popular methods don't require any additional cost.

CyberTech Media can provide your company with high quality encoding and outstanding customer service no matter what method you choose to host or deploy your streaming video.

  • Host directly from your existing web server - either internally within your company or through your existing ISP. Also known as HTTP streaming, this is not only the most popular method of hosting streaming video, but also the preferred method for most companies with low to mid-range streaming video hosting needs, as it does not require any additional expenditures and works just fine.
  • Host from your existing ISP's video server. If your existing ISP has a video server that is part of your hosting package, this option will allow you to use the functionality of the video server software if you have a specific need or reason to do so.
  • Host from an ISP specializing in high bandwidth throughput or video hosting. If your actual hosting needs exceed the bandwidth you're already paying for, you may want to consider any number of ISP's who have bandwidth suitable for larger scale usage such as streaming video.
  • Host from company with a network of distributed server locations. For companies with extremely high bandwidth needs and the necessity for extremely high levels of service, a new breed of ISP exists to fill this need. These ISP's actually maintain numerous data centers across the country to improve reliability of service. If your situation justifies the high cost, this method of deployment provides high quality streaming video in high bandwidth usage situations.

Discussing Video Hosting With Your ISP

Many ISP's are under the impression that they need a video server in order for their clients to have streaming video on their web sites. This is simply not the case. As part of our full-service approach, we will provide your ISP with the complete information they'll need to allow for streaming video on their sites. The adjustment they'll need to make on their server will take approximately 30 seconds to complete. Additionally, some ISP's flat out refuse to allow their customers to have Real Video, Windows Media or QuickTime because of their own bandwidth concerns. If you're having trouble discussing video hosting with your Internet Service Provider, you have two options. You can either move your entire site elsewhere, or simply put just your video files with a different ISP.

Call Us For Special Video Hosting Needs

Please call us at 630-690-7611 or e-mail us at media@cybertechmedia.com if you have an unusual video hosting need. We work with a number of ISP's who specialize in video hosting.

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