Video Encoding Services That Are Quality-Driven & Customer-Oriented

Video encoding services should be quality driven and customer oriented. This is our belief - pure and simple.

Our belief in providing maximum value at all times has allowed us to earn a reputation for delivering a quality of service that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations. Because our customers choose us to get the maximum value for their investment, if we don't make their video encoding project look great, and easy to implement on their site, we don't look good.

Video Conversion - Quality Control vs. Automated Assembly Line

We also believe that streaming video encoding should be an extension of the care and quality that was put into the creation and production of your original video tape assets. We provide numerous quality checks throughout the entire encoding process to insure that your new digital version reflects your original in every way. We do not use an automated video encoding process. Your original video was not created in an automated fashion, and it shouldn't be converted that way. High quality video is a result of end-to-end quality control, efficiency and experience - not automation. We believe our proprietary process represents the best practices available in the industry today.

Our Company

CyberTech Media Group is a privately held company located in Winfield, IL, a western suburb of Chicago, that provides video encoding services to both a national and international customer base. CyberTech began business in 1991 under the direction of its founder and President, Larry Spiegel.

As the demand for including rich media on websites and corporate Intranets has grown, we have been there every step of the way with our specialization in digital video production and streaming video conversion. By being an early pioneer in the field of streaming video services, we have been uniquely positioned to provide our customers with insight and guidance which is unmatched among our competitors. Our huge customer base includes businesses from an extremely broad range of industries, but with a significant concentration among high-tech companies.

This concentration of high-tech companies as customers underscores the importance of specialization and outsourcing. Our high-tech customers are extremely cognizant of the need to outsource their streaming video conversion services to a company known for quality-driven results. High-tech companies are particularly aware of how difficult, time consuming and costly it is to stay abreast of the streaming video technology curve, let alone to make it an internal mandate. They have achieved their own success through specialization, and are always the first to recognize the value of outsourcing projects which are not a part of their core competencies. Outsourcing their streaming video conversions further shelters them from the costs of making the wrong decisions normally experienced when video encoding is attempted in-house.

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 Compare the quality of our samples with our competitors encoded at exactly the same speed when shopping for a company to encode your video.

We're the Internet's most popular provider of streaming video encoding services. Take a look at our customer list to learn more.

We'd like the opportunity to become more than just a vendor for your company. We pride ourselves in delivering prompt, professional results which is why many of our customers view us as a natural extension of their own company, regardless of their geographic location. Please contact us when you're ready to discuss your streaming video encoding needs in further detail. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

CyberTech Media Group
26W482 Blair
Winfield, IL 60190

Phone: 630-690-2141

E-mail: media@cybertechmedia.com

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