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Early Internet Streaming Video Pioneer CyberTech Media Announces Company Is For Sale

CyberTech Media, one of the oldest streaming media encoding companies in existence, announced today that it is up for sale.

Winfield, IL November 11, 2014

Founded in 1998 with customers in 46 states, CyberTech Media announced today that it is up for sale. CyberTech Media was one of the first companies to provide high quality streaming media encoding services to a diverse range of companies when streaming video made its debut in the mid 90's. The company started encoding streaming video for the internet in early 1997 and formally changed their company name to CyberTech Media in 1998. According to founder Larry Spiegel, they earned their reputation by providing high quality encoding services during the decade when sub-broadband speeds available through dial-up, low-speed corporate networks, and early cable & DSL were the norm. Rendering high quality video encoding was an art form during that period of low-bandwidth delivery speeds according to Spiegel.

Spiegel says “according to industry reports, the demand for more streaming video content across all platforms continues to outpace the amount of content being made available. As a result, there are going to be more profitable plays in both the desktop and mobile device video space in coming years than in the past as streaming video continues to transform the way people make buying decisions, shop, learn, get entertained, and consume information.”

Prospective buyers will be domestic or international companies with either immediate or potential future plans to enter or expand into video encoding, video advertising creation or distribution, webinars, distance learning, or video news aggregation, and who want to acquire their reputation, their business history, instant credibility, and their very attractive, continuously registered 16-year-old dot com domain name. Prospective buyers may be looking to build on the existing brand, integrate it into an already existing internet business, or use it to launch the internet’s next big thing Spiegel said.

For a number of years, founder and entrepreneur Larry Spiegel said he has been juggling his time between CyberTech Media and an unrelated genealogy services company which became his true passion. Spiegel said that he has finally decided to turn the reins of CyberTech Media over to a new owner who is ready to reinvigorate the company and take it to the next level.

Further information about the sale of CyberTech Media can be found at: http://www.cybertechmedia.com/forsale.html

Larry Spiegel
CyberTech Media

What You're Purchasing

  • One of the oldest streaming media companies in existence which was started in 1997 at the very infancy of streaming media.
  • The company name along with its 16-year-old catchy dot com domain name, existing website, and all customer records
  • A D&B history of no delinquencies
  • A reputation for quality work and a history of customers in 46 states

You ARE NOT purchasing any tangible assets or equipment, nor are you assuming any debts, leases, or any other forms of financial obligations. The business's current and future cash flow will be dependent upon the actions and ideas of you and your employees and should not be based on either our current or past financial history.

Having a long history and a story to tell that conveys innovation and credibility can be the most powerful asset any Internet company can possess. The future of CyberTech Media in your hands will be entirely dependent upon how you build on the existing brand and the direction you take it in the existing streaming media space. In today's Internet economy where longevity, history, credibility, existing customer base, and reputation count more than ever with prospective customers, your acquisition of CyberTech Media coupled with your staff and ideas could be exactly what the right buyer needs to go to the next level or launch the next BIG thing.

To make an offer for CyberTech Media, please call Larry Spiegel at 630-653-8400, or e-mail larry@cybertechmedia.com.

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