Using QuickTime Video, Real Video or Windows Media Streaming Video Presentations To Increase Your Sales

If you've had your website up for any length of time at all, you already know that the visitors to your site are the single most valuable asset you'll ever have. The customers of any business are always the single most important asset any business can have, because without them, there is no business. And, if you're paying for them via banner or print advertising, they're an expensive commodity as well. As a result, a premium is placed on converting visitors into paying customers.

Given the fact that each of the visitors to your website is a valuable and limited resource, are you doing everything possible to tell your message or make your presentation in the best possible way? If you're not, you're probably letting most of your visitors get away without making a sale.

Make Your Site Sticky And Every Visit A Possible Sale

People who visit your site are looking for something that will grab their attention. They're looking for a visual experience and they're no different than you are when you surf the web. You usually stop and pay closer attention when something catches your eye, right?

Most people will skim your written material in most situations, just as you've probably skimmed most of the material on this page, but they will watch your video presentations. It's called making your web site sticky and our own statistics prove that beyond a doubt. Over 81% of the visitors to our pages which have a video presentation on it watch the video! Because of their increased interest level, they spend more time at our site learning about our services and our closing ratio is much higher as a result. Below is another example of how streaming video and audio would look and sound on your own pages.

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Using The Strongest Tools

If instead of visiting your website, your prospect walked into your place of business - how would you present your product or service? Would you direct your prospect to a stack of preprinted sales material containing text and graphics and let it go at that, or would you talk to him in person?

You're going to talk to him and keep him in your store as long as possible, aren't you?

  • That's how you make sales.
  • That's how you earn an income.

Because your website is your face to the world, why should you try and conduct business any differently online? If you believe that all it takes to be successful on the web is a steady flow of visitors seeing some plain text and graphics, your sales are probably already trying to tell you otherwise.

When you place your business on the Internet, you're given a set of tools to work with to tell your story - text, graphics, audio & video. Each has its place and purpose, and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

So why pick the weakest tools at your disposal for the single most important job you face - that of getting your prospect's attention and making the sale? If you have a story to tell that is better off done face to face on a personal level, why not start telling it with video so you can get your prospect's attention first? Once you have his attention, he's far more likely to read what you have to say and take positive action.

Consider The Numbers

How many visitors to your site does it take to make a sale - 25, 50, 100, 1,000, more? Are you making sales each and every day? How many? Rather than concentrating on finding more visitors, doesn't it make better sense to find ways to increase your closing ratio and start getting more sales from the visitors you already have?

If you do nothing, your ratio of visitors to sales will continue to decrease. If it's taking you 100 visitors to make a sale today, 6 months from now that number will probably be 1 in 200. And, it will continue to decline as more of your competitors come online. With over seven years online now ourselves, we've already learned what works and what doesn't. We've seen countless marketers attempt to use outdated sales approaches that fail over and over again when used on the Internet. In order to make consistent sales online, your marketing plan has to be based on more than just the law of large numbers.

If you're afraid to try something new, just think how most of your competitors feel. The exact same way. Several will eventually take the step forward and survive. Most will not, and they will fail.

To add streaming video to your website or corporate Intranet, simply send us your DVD, Mini-DV, Beta SP, Hi-8, Umatic, VHS or S-VHS video clips using our mail-in video submission form. Please call us at 630-690-7611 or e-mail us at media@cybertechmedia.com if you have any questions. CyberTech Media provides video encoding services to both a national and international customer base.

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